Infosec Day 1


The programme for today was intended to be:

  • 10am – arrive and wander about a bit
  • 11am – see a man about some security architecture contracts
  • 11:30am – see a different man about some writing work
  • Lunch-ish
  • See if we can find Dan and arrange dinner tomorrow
  • 14:30 – see yet another man about some different writing work
  • Wander about a bit more and see if I can find the guys from Qualys (Yes, I know, stand H70 – but I need to find the right people!)
  • 16:00 – BeCrypt for drinks
  • 18:30 – Dinner with a keeps-promising-to-be-a customer

So, how did we do?

We got there a little early, thanks to an earlier take-off slot than expected. The security architecture work wasn’t really suitable, which was a bit disappointing. We met everybody we wanted too, except Dan, (but we still have time to track him down before tomorrow) and a few more people besides. Some of whom may be in a position to give us some work. So all to the good.

However, the trade show aspect itself was fundamentally disappointing – smaller than last year, quite quiet and nothing really that caught either of our attentions. So we wimped out a bit early, passed on the free drinks and a having a quick rest before the not-yet-customers turn up.

We’re going to have to seriously think whether it is worth attending next year. And, chatting with a couple of the exhibitors, they are having similar doubts.

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